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  • Species that play majour roles in saving the planet.

    Species that play majour roles in saving the planet.

    Biodiversity is an important and vital part of the human race. Not only does it help preserve our planet, it also provides us with a wide variety of foods, clothing and many other goods. There are over 1.5 million species on this earth that are being preserved for future generations through their specific functions withinContinue reading

  • How are bats better than humans?

    How are bats better than humans?

    Humans cannot hear what bats can hear. This makes it hard to catch them and figure out how they use their amazing sense of hearing to navigate their environment Bats are one of the only animals that can hear ultrasound. Humans cannot hear this high-frequency sound, so it is not practical to use ultrasound asContinue reading

  • What does the future hold for us?

    What does the future hold for us?

    The future is here, and its already here to stay. We have all been wondering how the future will look like: Will cars still be driven by humans? Will we still have cities? Will self driving cars be true for us?. Well, I have no idea. We are curious about what the future of ourContinue reading

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