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What The hell is a black hole?

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Black holes are one of the most sophisticated topics in physics, but they’re still mysterious and enigmatic. In this blog post, I explain what black holes are and how understanding them can help us figure out how the universe works. What are Black Holes? Black holes are formed when a star collapses into itself. Black holes are the densest objects in existance!. They can be millions of times more massive than the sun. A
black hole is so dense that not even light cannot escape its gravity and hence it is also called as the darkest area in space. Black holes do not give off light; they absorb all the light passing by them.It is believed that there are two types of black holes – stellar mass black holes, which weigh at least 4 million times their own mass, and supermassive black holes found in the centers of galaxies or quasars or neutron stars created during universe formation processes. The existence of Black Holes indicates that something must have existed before the Big Bang occurred because even now we cannot see back further than when the Big Bang took place
Astronomers say that black holes are invisible. We only know about them because they have a strong gravitational pull on nearby stars and other things in space. When we look at a black hole, we see an event horizon–a boundary from which nothing can escape, not even light. Black holes see a whole new side of the Universe when they become active. These dark secretomies are the places where things can be destroyed and re-formed – like the Big Bang. But how exactly is a black hole formed?
A black hole starts as a small, dense star that goes supernova at some point in its lifespan, ejecting most of its mass in the form of hot gas. When this happens, it becomes a very small object known as an accretion disc. As matter gets closer to its center, it starts to emit X-rays, flaring its light on the way down. It’s commonly believed that this is just how black holes are born: bloated stars whose gravity is strong enough to rip other stellar objects apart with powerful flares. But there’s an important part of a black hole’s life cycle that we don’t see: the accretion disk around it. Accretion disk is a circular object with a bright, ring-shaped structure of matter that surrounds the black hole. This material is squeezed by tidal forces into tight rings as it orbits closer to the immense gravity at the black hole’s center. A dense disk of accreation around a black hole shows that some matter is collapsing. Black holes are cyclic. They come into being, they eat material and then they die. But there’s a cycling process that many people have overlooked. There are many places on the internet where you can learn more about black holes. The most popular of these is Wikipedia. For information on black holes, read more at National Geographic:

Species that play majour roles in saving the planet.

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Biodiversity is an important and vital part of the human race. Not only does it help preserve our planet, it also provides us with a wide variety of foods, clothing and many other goods. There are over 1.5 million species on this earth that are being preserved for future generations through their specific functions within nature.

With so many species, it’s hard to know where to begin when talking biodiversity. Let’s start with creatures that help us survive.


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Bees have been helping mankind for years by pollinating flowers, but what about all other insects? Sharks, fungi, ants and coral reefs play a major role in saving the planet.


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Ants also play a major role in saving the planet, both from catastrophic events and from climate change. Ants are an important part of natural ecosystems because they eat leaf litter and other organic matter that helps decompose dead plants. This in turn provides nutrients for plants, animals and microbes to live on, helping to maintain healthy soil.


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Sharks play an important role in protecting marine ecosystems by eating other fish, thereby keeping them from overpopulating. They also play an active role in dispersing eggs, carrying larvae and performing other duties that help to maintain a healthy ecosystem. In science and research, sharks help to conserve the oceans, protecting them from pollution, chemical runoff and oil spills.

Coral reefs

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Corals are huge, beautiful and important. Coral reefs in the open ocean are home to millions of marine species, from fish to sea turtles and whales to dolphins. Corals create an eco-system they depend on. They need healthy coral reefs to survive. Corals eat a lot of tiny animals called plankton that live in the water and die in our oceans every day. The death of these plankton helps keep water full of nutrients that many other plants can use as food.


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Wood is a miracle! It’s all around us, in every home. It’s a living plant that protects us from the elements and provides us with shelter, warmth and comfort. Wood is one of the renewable resources we have. The simple oak tree is an incredibly beautiful, old and extraordinary organism that constantly renews itself through its life cycle, from seed to leaf and back again. Our wood packaging materials are biodegradable and compostable, with no harmful additives or toxic compounds. We use mostly sustainable wood, so that we can keep the planet green, while protecting our natural resources.


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let’s not forget fungi! They eat dead trees and plants around us all over the world, helping decompose what was once alive.By doing so, they help improve soil health, keeping the planet’s soil balanced.

How are bats better than humans?

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Humans cannot hear what bats can hear. This makes it hard to catch them and figure out how they use their amazing sense of hearing to navigate their environment

Bats are one of the only animals that can hear ultrasound. Humans cannot hear this high-frequency sound, so it is not practical to use ultrasound as an animal tracking method because it can’t be translated into a usable signal by humans. However, bats are able to hear something humans don’t hear and that’s information about objects in the bat’s environment.

Humans cannot hear bats call to each other, but humans can hear the echoes of those calls. A bat uses the distance between the source and the receiver to estimate its position in three dimensions. The bat hears these echoes as sound waves coming from specific directions. Most bats generate calls with a single frequency, though some generate calls that consist of multiple frequencies. These bats’ hearing abilities are different from humans’, who can only distinguish a narrow set of frequencies.

Humans cannot hear bats in the same way they do. Bats are able to detect ultrasonic sounds at an unbelievable frequency of up to 120,000 Hz! This makes them far superior than humans who can only hear up to 6-9 KHz. It turns out that this difference is not some minor detail but rather has a great impact on their ability for echolocation.

What does the future hold for us?

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The future is here, and its already here to stay. We have all been wondering how the future will look like: Will cars still be driven by humans? Will we still have cities? Will self driving cars be true for us?. Well, I have no idea.

We are curious about what the future of our life will become. A lot of predictions have been made, but at the end of the day, we wonder if those predictions will be just that, predictions or true. We want to dig further and find out the truth about what our life will be like in the future.

We all want a better world… A great place in the future that we can be proud of. We need a way to fight for peace, love and happiness. And health if I may add.

In a few decades, you might be able to see your house through a screen or scan it in 3D, thanks to advances in scanning technology.

With advancements in technology and science, we are constantly looking for new breakthroughs that can potentially benefit our lives in so many ways, and sometimes this is where I feel there is a lot of focus on new gadgets that somehow create a need for more gadgets based on their own subsets of technology.

Are you curious about where the world will be in 10 years?, how innovative technologies will change our lives and how is our personal knowledge and skills set going to evolve.

In order to understand the future, we need to understand what happened in the past and work hard to make a difference today.

Are the shadows of the astronauts on the surface of the moon real?

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The shadows of the astronauts on the surface of the moon are real, but they are not a hoax.

We’ve seen and read about the Apollo astronauts who have been on the moon. But are their shadows real, or are they just illusions?

Astronauts have been seen in shadows on the moon. One could argue that the shadows were just reflections or that the astronauts were standing in a dark area. However, advanced cameras used by NASA have proven these shadows to be real.

Is it possible to send astronauts to the moon and make them stand in the shadows of the landing craft? If it is, then why is it that some astronauts remain in shadow, while others do not?

What is computer programming?

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computer programming is that practice of writing and solving mathematical problems, which computers can solve more easily. It is a field of artificial intelligence where people design programs by creating a formal language for describing computations.

It is the art of writing words or other instructions to control the operation of a computer. The person who writes the instructions is called a programmer, computer programmer or software engineer.

Computer programming is also a set of rules for writing computer programs. It tells the computer what to do.

Computer programs are useful because they make it easier to do things, like playing games and watching videos, but they can also be used for a number of other tasks. Because computers have become more and more advanced over the last few years, computer programming has become an increasingly important skill.

Computer programming is about changing your life for the better.

Learn computer programming and change your life.

In a world of information overload, computer programming keeps you grounded. This new skill is an essential part of any career or job. You will learn to organize and manage your time efficiently in order to succeed as a computer programmer.

Do you want to change jobs, but are afraid of being unemployed for a long time? Learn to code and you can do it at your own pace!

Elon musk verses NASA

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SpaceX and NASA are at war, which is strange because the two organizations have been working together on the creation of human-rated spacecraft for years. They even went public with their relationship in 2016. Now, though, SpaceX and NASA are at loggerheads — and Musk is threatening to take their space adventure into his own hands.

SpaceX CEO and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has long dreamed of taking millions of people to Mars. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule is the first spacecraft the company has flown into orbit, but it’s about more than just the future: It’s also about a legacy.

The Crew Dragon—SpaceX’s first commercial spacecraft designed to ferry space tourists and astronauts to orbit, and then bring them back down—has been delayed several times. But Musk has already announced plans for a much larger Starship, which he says will be capable of flying missions to Mars. And NASA isn’t happy about that at all.”

Elon Musk’s company has gotten a lot of attention for its Falcon 9 rockets, but how does it stack up to NASA? The big question is: when will SpaceX fly a person into space?

SpaceX’s new Starship is a reusable launch vehicle that SpaceX says will rival Boeing and Virgin Galactic, and it’s poised to take astronauts into space. The Crew Dragon prototype may soon be ready to demonstrate that capability — if NASA gets onboard with the plan.

The Crew Dragon’s first mission is already proving to be an embarrassment. Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO and founder, seems to have forgotten what a space rocket is supposed to look like: