Biodiversity is an important and vital part of the human race. Not only does it help preserve our planet, it also provides us with a wide variety of foods, clothing and many other goods. There are over 1.5 million species on this earth that are being preserved for future generations through their specific functions within nature.

With so many species, it’s hard to know where to begin when talking biodiversity. Let’s start with creatures that help us survive.


stripes insects macro golden
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Bees have been helping mankind for years by pollinating flowers, but what about all other insects? Sharks, fungi, ants and coral reefs play a major role in saving the planet.


macro photo of black carpenter ant on green leaf
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Ants also play a major role in saving the planet, both from catastrophic events and from climate change. Ants are an important part of natural ecosystems because they eat leaf litter and other organic matter that helps decompose dead plants. This in turn provides nutrients for plants, animals and microbes to live on, helping to maintain healthy soil.


sharks under water
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Sharks play an important role in protecting marine ecosystems by eating other fish, thereby keeping them from overpopulating. They also play an active role in dispersing eggs, carrying larvae and performing other duties that help to maintain a healthy ecosystem. In science and research, sharks help to conserve the oceans, protecting them from pollution, chemical runoff and oil spills.

Coral reefs

a school of fish near coral reefs
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Corals are huge, beautiful and important. Coral reefs in the open ocean are home to millions of marine species, from fish to sea turtles and whales to dolphins. Corals create an eco-system they depend on. They need healthy coral reefs to survive. Corals eat a lot of tiny animals called plankton that live in the water and die in our oceans every day. The death of these plankton helps keep water full of nutrients that many other plants can use as food.


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Wood is a miracle! It’s all around us, in every home. It’s a living plant that protects us from the elements and provides us with shelter, warmth and comfort. Wood is one of the renewable resources we have. The simple oak tree is an incredibly beautiful, old and extraordinary organism that constantly renews itself through its life cycle, from seed to leaf and back again. Our wood packaging materials are biodegradable and compostable, with no harmful additives or toxic compounds. We use mostly sustainable wood, so that we can keep the planet green, while protecting our natural resources.


assorted color of mushrooms surrounded by trees
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let’s not forget fungi! They eat dead trees and plants around us all over the world, helping decompose what was once alive.By doing so, they help improve soil health, keeping the planet’s soil balanced.